Getting An Unhungry Rabbit To Eat

11 12 2014

A personal friend and Feeding Rabbits blog follower recently contacted me in a written state of tears. It seems that she too loves feeding rabbits, but is having trouble getting her rabbit to eat. Well Jessie from Tacoma, although I make no guarantees, here are three tips to get the pride and joy of your life, Milo the rabbit, to eat so much that you might get tired of feeding rabbits (just kidding, that could never happen to an avid lover of feeding rabbits).

talking-to-rabbitTrick one – Try talking to your rabbit. It seems that scientists in Norway have found a link between human vocals and a rabbit’s dietary health. So next time your rabbit won’t eat, try reading out loud to it, unless you’re Stephen Hawking. Then you’ll need to get a recording of James Earl Jones reading one of your books. (A Brief History of Time was great by the way)

walking-rabbitTrick two – Increase the amount of cardio that your rabbit gets on a daily basis. I know what you’re thinking, shouldn’t a rabbit’s cardio to calorie burn be about 12/88. The answer is “Nope”. Not for a rabbit that is not eating a healthy amount of carbs.

showing-pic-to-rabbitTrick three – Just like people, some rabbits are better visual learners. And no, this bit of factual information does not have any correlation with a rabbits handedness, like it does with people. It just seems that a small percentage of rabbits learn and retain better when shown a visual aid. So next time your rabbit is eating like a fat girl before prom (not very much) try posting it up in front of a photo of them + food = happiness.


Cost of Feeding Rabbits

18 10 2013

My post about multicultural women feeding rabbits created a flurry of questions about how people can afford to feed rabbits the world over. One comment from a Feeding Rabbits blog reader was, “What the f**k, some of these people look like they need to be eating rabbits…not f**king feeding them. How can they afford to be doing this f**king s**t?” Unfortunately I can’t post the rest of the comment due to profanity…but point well taken ToddK23 from Davenport Idaho. To answer your question, I really don’t know how people the world over can afford to feed rabbits. All I know is that people are continuing to feed rabbits despite financial hardships…even while living in some of the most God forsaken corners of the earth. Here’s the proof….
North Korea
The Horn of Africa
Bellingham Washington

Don’t Overfeed Rabbits People

26 05 2013

The questions just keep pouring in from people that support this blog. The number one aspect of feeding rabbits that I get asked, is “Is it okay if I overfeed rabbits?” The answer is clearly NO, but I get it. Sometimes when you get the ball rolling, the rush can become so great that it’s hard to stop feeding rabbits. Just keep this in mind, whether or not someone else sees it, you’re still hurting rabbits if you overfeed them. If you wanna dish it out, please remember to do so in healthy amounts.

Don’t Be Ridiculous, Rabbits Eat Carrots

26 01 2013

Due to the popularity of my posts, people have started to ask me ridiculous questions…like “Hey, if feeding rabbits is fun, is feeding other animals fun also?” Short answer, NO! Have you ever seen someone feeding rats…pigs… iguanas or some other type of animal and thought, “Wow, that looks fun.” Heck no. Not unless you work in a lab or have a cousin that you also call Mom or Dad.

Another ridiculous question I often get asked is, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever fed a rabbit?” I get it, people are thinking this is a joke and are trying to make fun of me. Or they’re hoping I’ll give them what they want and say something really twisted. Yes, one time I gave a chicken a McNugget and watched as it gobbled it down. And apparently I’ll never live that down. But, after being a lawyer for so many years, I can honestly say that the best way to combat stupid questions is with professionalism. So guess what everyone, if you have to ask, and you don’t know, make like all the other rookies and stick with carrots.


Multicultural Women Feeding Rabbits

21 01 2013

I might not know everything about feeding rabbits, but I do know that women folk the whole world over love to feed rabbits. Yes it’s true, sex does sell…but that’s not what I’m trying to do here. I simply wanted to show that when it comes to feeding rabbits, women can be just as compassionate and nurturing as the men shown feeding rabbits outside in one of my previous posts. Is there competition between the sexes when comes to feeding rabbits? YES! But whether the tally shows it’s man or woman that is better at feeding rabbits, at least the rabbits are always winners. And that’s the important thing.


Paintings of People Feeding Rabbits

18 01 2013

Feeding rabbits is so much of an emotional experience, it’s no wonder that artists the entire world over choose to depict the act in their paintings. Much like love, happiness and joy, feeding rabbits is something that is universally appreciated on every continent. It has also remained a constant throughout time. Cave art in France dating back to over 7,000 BC has been discovered showing ancient man feeding wild rabbits that are believed to be the ancestors of rabbits we feed to this very day.

boy-feeding-rabbitschildren-feeding-rabbits-grangercreepy boy feeding rabbits children-feeding-rabbits

Feeding Baby Rabbits

18 01 2013

People feeding baby rabbits is the most natural thing in the world. I believe that this is truly the way God intended baby rabbits to feast.

feeding baby2feeding baby4feeding baby1feeding baby3